Codemasters have released some new screens of Colin McRae Rally 3, showing the game in action during a torrential downpour.


Colin McRae Rally 3 appears to have what must be the most realistic visuals we've ever seen in a rally game, and even more impressive than the stunning photo realistic RalliSport Challenge on the Xbox.

As you'll be able to see from the screenshots on this page, the torrential rain effect looks like you'd get a drenching just from playing it, and even though it's just on a screen, we reckon you might need to remind yourself it's not actually real - wonder if the windscreen wipers will do that strange squeaking and dragging noise, as it skips across the slippery wet glass?

screen screen

Heavy rain will "explode onto the windscreen", before being smeared across the screen and then streaking down where the wiper blades have stopped, and from above the area of the wiped section of screen - it looks so real that on first glance we thought Codemasters had sent us a photo from inside a real car!

Rain, sleet, snow, and mist have all been accurately recreated to provide the most realistic weather conditions that you'd find in a real rally, and it's these troublesome conditions that usually make rally driving so dangerous to do, but fun to watch.

Colin McRae Rally 3 is due for release on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox this September, and will be in action at E3 later this month - we'll bring further news and screens, as soon as they're released by Codemasters.