An image believed to be that of Microsoft's forthcoming Xbox 360 console has been circulating on the internet this weekend, after it was made available by an unknown source.

photo - possible Xbox 360 design?

It should be noted that this is not a confirmed design by Microsoft, and remains unlikely to be anything more than speculation until the console is first revealed during the MTV preview show next month.

However the photo does seem to represent everything that has been rumoured about the machine during the past few months, including a sleek silver-white colour, sides which suck inwards, and the ability to stand vertically - the side of the machine being the base, much like a PlayStation 2.

The photograph comes after a long line of other "leaks" which have happened during the past weeks, including numerous cropped photos showing parts of an Xbox 2 wireless controller which were found by gamers on the website, which appears to have been set up to generate hype and promote the next-generation Xbox.

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