Simergy, the company owned by racing game legend Geoff Crammond, have announced that they have chosen Lost Toys to develop their next project.

Lost Toys will work on Stunt Car Racer Pro - an update to the classic Stunt Car Racer which you might remember from many years ago - and will work alongside Simergy by using Crammond's experience in the AI and Physics side of the game, whilst using their advanced technology to power the game engine.

"I've chosen them because they have a proven track record of producing great multi-format titles on time and to budget. I also believe this team understands perfectly just how strong Simergy's commitment is to quality and playability." said Geoff.

Both companies have had a number of chart topping games over the past few years, with Lost Toys responsible for Hi Octane and Battle Engine Aquila, and Geoff Cramond having a stunning row of 8 consecutive chart number 1 titles, including all four of the Grand Prix series games.