Swing! have announced that they are to publish Creatures on the PSone and Game Boy Advance in time for Christmas, with a Gamecube version following during 2002.


Previous versions of the Creatures series on the PC have been developed by Cambridge based Creature Labs, and for the console versions Swing! have worked with a German developer ELO interactive, capturing the same loveable graphics, but also adding in three highly detailed worlds and two bonus games.

The GBA version of the game will allow for Norns trading via a link cable, and Swing! hope that the trading of Norns much like Pokemon characters will appeal to the handheld gamers market.

screen screen

Swing! have decided to aim the game as the ideal stocking filler this Christmas, and have set the retail price for the PSone version of the game at a bargain £9.99 - Marco Hüsges, Head of Sales and Marketing at Swing! said "We appreciate that most PSOne games aimed at young children traditionally have a price point of £19.99, however, we believe by making the retail price affordable, we will directly appeal to parents who are price conscious when making gift purchases. We believe Creatures will be the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas."

Both the PSone and Game Boy Advance titles will be released on November 23rd.