It would appear that a limited edition Crystal Clear Xbox will be launched in the UK and across Europe to celebrate the console's second Birthday this March.

Xbox Limited Edition Crystal Clear console

The pack, which has not yet been officially announced, will reportedly go on sale before March 14th 2004 to coincide with Xbox's second year on sale in the UK, and will feature two Crystal Clear Controller-S pads as was the case with the Limited Edition clear green console which was released last May.

Microsoft yesterday announced that they had sold more than 3.7 million Xbox consoles in Europe up to the end of 2003, with more than 13.7 million since launch globally. Xbox Live seems to be touted as a key reason for Xbox's growing popularity with over 750,000 gamers believed to be subscribed to the service and clocking up some 4.5 million hours of game play experienced during Christmas alone.

Meanwhile there has been much speculation about a further upgrade to the Xbox Live service, which is rumoured to take place at the start of April and will see Xbox Live 3.0 coming in to existence. Features believed to be planned include Voice Messaging to friends, the ability to send text messages, along with support for teams or clans. It is also believed that a small amount of storage space on the Xbox Live servers will allow gamers to have settings such as season rosters and weather data stored and available across gaming sessions, similar to the way cookies work on a PC.

As soon as we hear any further details about the limited edition Crystal Clear Xbox, or confirmation of Xbox Live 3.0, we'll let you know.

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