There was a time when sitting in front of your TV playing computer games would have been considered a bit 'square' - although now Nintendo's new machine out, it seems it's more a case of being 'cubed', and gamers are glad to be.

Since the launch of Nintendo's 129 Gamecube on May 3rd, an astonishing 75,000 machines have quite literally flown off the shelves of retailers across the UK during the first two days on sale. Germany also performed well, with over 50,000 cubes said to have been sold during the launch weekend.

In comparison Xbox's first three days sales figure for the UK was 43,000, and 10,000 in Germany, so Nintendo do indeed have a lot to be happy about, with the launch of Gamecube in Europe.

"GameCube delivers what gamers want a dedicated console with a range of excellent games at an unbeatable price" commented Andy Williams, general manager of Nintendo UK, going on to say "We've started successfully being the fastest selling home console ever in the UK! GameCube will continue to be successful because we understand what it takes to keep gamers interested in a console and that's great games ... lots of them!"

Sales of the launch games were equally impressive, with the top five all format chart being games that are available on the Gamecube. In fact, positions two to four were Gamecube exclusive titles, showing that sales have made their mark on the chart.

Star Wars: Rogue Leader was the top selling Gamecube title, followed by Nintendo's effects packed graphical treat Luigi's Mansion, and the fantastic Super Monkey Ball from Sega.

In fact, sales of Star Wars: Rogue Leader were so impressive during the launch, that it's the first time in the UK that a third party game has been the top selling launch title for a new console, which has previously been all first party titles, such as Sega's Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, and Microsoft's Halo on the Xbox.

Commenting on the chart topping achievement, Keely Brenner of LucasArts, said "We are delighted with the news, it is a piece of gaming history. Rogue Leader is a superb game, showcased beautifully by the GameCube's graphic capabilities. At the end of the day gamers wanted to play the movie and with this game you can".