Datel have announced their latest PS2 Action replay accessory, and it's full to bursting point with features.


Not only does the cheat cartridge come with thousands of pre-loaded cheats, but there's also full multi-region DVD capability built in, and special software which allows memory cards to store five times their normal capacity.

Cheat codes are supplied for a range of the most popular PS2 titles, including the recently released Grand Theft Auto 3, and extra codes can be downloaded for new games as they are released from the Code Junkies website, and either entered via a PS2 keyboard, or using the on-screen keyboard.

Datel have also included a version of their popular Region X system in to the AR2 V2, which tears down the region barriers which are built in to the PlayStation 2, and allows for the region to simply be selected from the on-screen menu before you insert the DVD. They've also removed any annoying "green screen" which many PS2 owners have experienced with the standard DVD playback on Sony's machine.

Action Replay 2 V2 is compatible with any PAL PlayStation 2, and will retail for the absolute bargain price of 29.99 from all of the standard stockists, or online at

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