Microsoft have announced the launch dates for Xbox 360, with Europe set to receive the console on December 2nd, whilst North America will be on November 22nd and Japan following on December 10th.

Xbox 360

The news broke before the start of the 2005 Tokyo Games Show which opens tomorrow, and also saw the confirmation that manufacturing of Xbox 360 consoles has begun, with millions of units said to be in production.

Earlier this week UK pricing for Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 was announced, with subscription fees remaining the same as current pricing at 39.99 for 12 months, alongside the option of 3 or 1 month versions - all of which can be purchased as either a scratchcard from retailers or by using a credit card in the Xbox Live Dashboard.

Xbox 360 Live will also see the dropping of the Credit Card linking, which had been seen as a major entry barrier to the service, with gamers either not wanting to provide card details or having a debit instead of credit card which wasn't accepted by the service.

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