Hertfordshire based publisher Digital Jesters have issued a health warning that their new Trackmania Sunrise title has been causing game testers to have bouts of motion sickness.


But with the games launch happening today it's probably more a case of some clever PR work to get everyone talking about the "jumps, loop the loops and death-defying bends" which feature in the game.

Of course the advice they're giving out is well worth knowing for any gamer though as it applies no matter what the game - in fact a couple of titles including Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory make us feel similarly unwell after played for even just a short time.

The advice is to take at least 10 minutes break every hour, sit over a meter away from the screen (something which seems hard when using a PC!), limit "upper body movement" when playing, drink plenty of water, and specifically for Trackmania Sunrise they suggest using the out-of-car camera view when playing for extended periods of time.

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