Digital Worldwide have announced that they're bringing the pinball to the GBA this summer.


Pinball Advance features three flipper-tastic tables in the form of the Tarantula table which requires gamers to venture into the spider's lair, Jailbreak which sees you proving your innocence to the judge or escape past the prison guards, and finally Daredevil where you'll have to take your chance up against the Wheel of Death and the Loop of Fire.

Games can be played in either single or multiplayer mode, and a full logic control system will ensure that the ball travels around the table like a real game of pinball, allowing gamers to control flippers, tilt the table in various directions, and even experience a "genuine screen shake" feature, what ever that might be.

screen screen

The matrix style backboard has also been faithfully recreated, offering information along the lines of high score and multiball modes, and letting you know when you've triggered off a kicker, jet buffer, spinner or the famous tilt.

Over 40 music tracks and 300 different pinball sounds are included, and six difficulty modes ensure that there's something for everyone from pinball novice, to the absolute pro's who get high scores in the billions.

Pinball Advance is due to be rocketed up the side of the table and in to play on the GBA this June - ideal for some pre-seaside arcade pinball action.