Retail group Dixons appear to have dropped the Gamecube from it's range, and are said to be clearing remaining stock at a knock-down price.

The group which includes Dixons, Currys and PC World stores, are believed to be selling their remaining stock of the Gamecube at 99, with a free game bundled in to help shift the units.

Dixons customer service told us "there has been a rumour that we've stopped selling GameCube's" before going on to say "everything [hardware and games] has been discountinued. All of the products on our system are discontinued and out of stock and the prices are wrong". When asked further we were hesitantly told "they didn't seem to be selling... local stores might have some left... that's Dixons, Currys and PC World".

It's not known what the exact reason for the dropping of the format, although there are rumours that a disagreement with Nintendo over the sale of Broadband adapters may be to blame. The more likely reason could be possible poor sales, which would be backed up by the comment made by the customer service representative.

Now might be the time to grab a real bargain if you were wanting to pick up a Gamecube, although there is the chance that other retailers will follow with their own price cuts to ensure their stock isn't getting left behind, and seems likely that some aggressive marketing will go on for the next few weeks.

The news comes a few weeks after Codemasters canned the Gamecube titles which they were working on whilst they reviewed the opportunity and viability of developing and publishing.

If Dixons are to stop selling Gamecube then it will be seen as a further blow to the console, especially when blockbuster titles such as Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker due for release in less than two months time, along with other high profile launches of Nintendo products such as the Game Boy Advance SP on March 28th.

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