Microsoft have revealed a line-up of more than 400 items which will be available from the Xbox Live Marketplace when it launches in Europe on December 2nd.

Xbox Live Marketplace card

A number of items will be free of charge such as game trailers and demos, whilst some others such as gamertag pictures and premium content will be charged for - using a system of "Microsoft Points".

For 17.50 you'll be able to buy a 2100 point card from all the usual retailers, which can be spent on items as you wish, be they full "themes" at 150 points and "gamertag pictures" at 20 points each, or in the case of Fifa 60 points per picture.

Premium content similar to that offered on the original Xbox will be available via the Xbox 360 Marketplace, with plans for extra Ridge Racer 6 cars and music tracks, whilst various other games will see characters, maps and levels to all be made available.

Further content will include Franz Ferdinand's "Do You Want To" music video, movie trailers and also a new selection of Xbox Live Arcade titles - some of which seem much more realistically priced than those offered on the Xbox version of the service.

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