Further details of Downforce for the PlayStation 2 have been revealed, and in the words of the developers, Titus, will have super cars which "make McClaren look like Skodas"!

Set in the near future, Downforce will see adrenaline hungry drivers who have decided to break away from the FIA to form their own league.


27 modified F1 cars designed for speed will race it out on eight gruelling street circuits, based in cities, each with two different routes possible, and there's no more of that pratting about in stupid gravel traps where your car gets bogged down, or racing around dull meandering courses with nothing more than clouds to look at - instead you've simply got to be a great driver, or meet the trackside walls, head on!

What's more, when you do crash the souped-up cars, you’ll know about it with fully deformable bodies recreating realistic high-speed impacts.

screen screen

Downforce is due for release later this year on the PlayStation 2, and we'll be in pole position to bring you a full preview as soon as the lights turn to green.