The Dreamcast may only have a few short months left, but there's still a few good titles to come, as were on show at this years ECTS event.


European distributor of the Dreamcast, Big Ben Interactive, confirmed details of The Ultimate Dreamcast Pack, which is set to retail at 99.99 from September 22nd, and will include not only the console and a controller, but also a VMU, Metropolis Street Racer, Jet Set Radio, and Virtua Fighter 3.

A selection of titles were playable, including 90 Minutes, which is an arcade style football title featuring both International and Premiership teams, all with their real names. Propeller Arena looked good, and not quite how we expected it, with a more arcadey feel to it, but still very enjoyable as it was more fun than expected.

screen screen

Virtua Tennis 2 was extremely popular, and looks even better than the original - there's also now female tennis players, and matches can be played in singles or doubles mode - both against the computer or with friends.

One of the disappointing titles was Floigan Brothers, which seemed to have a confusing control system which we simply couldn't pick up - even after trying out the tutorial style intro to the game, we were still stumped, but this may have been due to the fact that we couldn't hear the sound, so until we've managed to play the title fully it'd be wrong to say that it's not up to scratch.

screen screen

Other Sega titles which DC owners can look forward to in Europe should include Shenmue II, Rez, and the excellent Headhunter - Headhunter wasn't actually on show at ECTS, but was playable at an after show event, and is said to be almost complete, and definetly planned for a European release.

It would seem that there's still some life left in the Dreamcast, and despite the number of cancelled titles growing at a worrying rate, the existing catalogue of titles really does stand out - especially when the bargain prices which many stockists are now clearing their remaining DC stocks at.

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