Europe's distributor Bigben Interactive, have today announced that they're slashing the price of the Sega Dreamcast console, to a bargain 69.99, and bundled with a free game.


The pack comes with a choice of either Virtua Fighter 3, or Jet Set Radio, and offers the best value you're likely to see when it comes to consoles this Christmas, pitching the machine less than the price of a Game Boy Advance, and the same price as Sony's ageing PSone console.

Bigben have launched the new price point to compliment their 'Ultimate Dreamcast Pack', which includes a free VMU, and 3 top titles for under 100. Bigben's Sega General Manager, Alison Collins commented "By initiating this lower price point for the Dreamcast we are able to offer consumers superb value for money this forthcoming Christmas Season".

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Dick Francis, Bigben Interactive's Managing Director, told us "Our respect for the Dreamcast and it's software is of the highest order which is why we signed up to distribute it's range of hardware and software. We want to take the machine and it's capabilities to the broadest possible market place for everybody to enjoy. These superb bundle offerings allow us to do just that and provide phenomenal value for money to consumers this Christmas and onwards".

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