Well, there's been some strange marketing deals done before, but this one could be a special case for the "odd marketing deals of 2001" book, if such a book exists..

Eidos have struck a deal with GlaxoSmithKline to temporarily rename the Lucozade Energy drink "Larazade" in a promotional tribute to Tomb Raider heroine, Lara Croft.

Helen Gorman, marketing manager for Lucozade, reiterates GlaxoSmithKline's high esteem for Lara by saying: "Millions of gamers all over the world have spent more time with Lara Croft than they have with their best friends or partners. She is a heroine to millions of men and women and her dynamic and energetic nature fits well with the power of Lucozade Energy. We're delighted that we can honour her by changing the name of Lucozade to Larazade and by creating Croft Manor in real life as a fantastic prize for our brand's consumers."

The special "Larazade" promotion will run from May to July, to coincide with the summer release of the Tomb Raider film starring Angelina Jolie.

In addition, the energy drink will feature an on-pack promotion giving consumers a chance to compete in a unique Tomb Raider challenge, where teams will compete in a two-day long Tomb Raider challenge at a real life version of Lara's home, "Croft Manor".