Capcom have announced this morning that they are to release Devil May Cry 2, for the PlayStation 2.

The sequel to their two million selling Devil May Cry, will see the return of Dante, a half-human half-demon devil hunter, using his powers to crack an evil attempt to revive once-perished demons who seek world domination.

"Devil May Cry 2 will take the dream to a new level with all new visuals and action which will astonish millions of gamers worldwide. Devil May Cry 2 furthers the experience with more environments, new character skills, new enemies and stunning visuals" said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment.

Features of DMC2 will include superior level design to the original, with many levels outside in settings such as a Gotham-like cityscape and an old European town.

There will also be two playable characters, and all characters are to be renewed with a more stylish and tougher look, along with all new moves and attacks, and as your skill levels rise your attacks becoming more stunning and effective.

Skill levels will be track throughout the game, meaning that no matter how good you are, the enemies' difficulty will be adapted to suit, allowing everyone to experience the gameplay on a level amount of difficulty.

Devil May Cry 2 is due for release on the PlayStation 2 in America this winter, and no European release date has been confirmed yet.