Acclaim Entertainment have announced that they are to release Dave Mirra BMX XXX for all three console formats, and will carry a Mature rating from the American ratings board.

Playing as Dave Mirra, you will get to interact "with hot chicks, shady characters and other players in the most outrageous and humorous action sports game ever, as scripted by some of Hollywood's top comedic writers" - sounds bizarre.

Fifteen of the world's top riders will feature in the game, which is being developed by Z-Axis, along with female characters who will have realistic physics for their hair, body and clothes.

Bikes will also be extremed up to the max, with bottle rocket launchers, fire extinguishers, leaf blowers, to name just a few of the enhancements that will improve the interaction between each of the characters in the game.

Special "Picture-In-Picture technology" is to be deployed in the game, allowing you to view challenges through the eyes of AI riders, and learn how they manage to pull off stunts that would otherwise appear impossible.

Dave Mirra BMX XXX is due for release on the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube before the end of the year.