Eidos Interactive have announced that their Xbox and PC follow up to Deus Ex, will now also be publised for the PlayStation 2.


Titled DX2: Invisible War, the sequel to the hugely popular award-winning first-person action adventure Deus Ex title, which was released on the PC last year, and is due for release on the PS2 this June.

Players get to control their virtual destiny, by developing an alter ego through the selection of futuristic bio-tech modifications, powerful weapons and hundreds of useful objects.

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"The goal of a game like DX2 is to offer players free-form gameplay experiences where they control their virtual destinies" said Warren Spector, Executive Producer of DX2 during the announcement at E3.

A number of enhancements have been made to DX2, including a more powerful physics system, highly believable AI, enhanced character models, and a new lighting and graphics system.

DX2: Invisible War is due for release in 2003.