Microsoft have released new screenshots of their online Xbox title MechAssault.


Under development by Day 1 Studios, MechAssault sees 40ft walking tanks battling it out in a futuristic 31st century warzone.

Each mech is capable of flattening everything in it's path, from road vehicles to bridges, an even towerblocks, meaning you can bring down a towerblock on an enemy mech, and save your firepower for the tougher mechs who put up more of a fight.

screen screen

The game will be one of the first to make full use of the Xbox Live online play, and will offer both online and split screen multiplayer modes, and full voice communication using the Xbox Communicator headset will be available, meaning you'll be able to work as a team to defeat the opposition mechs.

A mission based cinematic gameplay will mean that you'll get to see key points of each mission un-fold in cinematic scenes which key game details, and highlight important events which will guide you towards success or failure.


MechAssault is due for release in November, priced at $49.99 (approximately 39.99).

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