At the E3 expo in Los Angeles today, Microsoft revealed the fist screenshots and details of Xbox title Tork.


Tork is said to be a fast-paced action game, featuring a fearless caveboy hero who uses his magical powers to transform himself into several different guises, including a bulldozing yeti, armor-plated armadillo, or flying squirrel, on his mission through time.

The game might well sound very odd, and it probably is, due to the fact that there's time travel, dinosaurs, flying squirrel's, earthquakes, avalanches, gushing lava - you name it, the French developer Tiwak seem to have squeezed it in to this game.

screen screen

More details will no doubt be released by Microsoft during E3, and when they are, we'll let you know.

Tork is due for release on the Xbox next spring.