Ubi Soft have announced today at the E3 expo in Los Angeles, that Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell will be console-exclusive to Xbox.


The game will also work with Xbox Live, the online broadband network, which Microsoft officially announced earlier this week - full details of the online functions haven't been announced by Ubi Soft yet, but it seems that some form of multiplayer option is likely.

"We're using the Xbox hardware to truly realise the vision we had for the game, and to implement some fantastic special effects. For instance, the character can be moved in front of a working movie projector and the movie realistically projects on the character's back with the appropriate lighting effects, just like real life. Little touches like that are making this game really come alive, and were possible thanks to the powerful capabilities of Xbox." said Yves Guillemot of Ubi Soft Entertainment, in the announcement at E3.

Splinter Cell is due for release on the Xbox in time for Christmas, and we'll bring further details about the title, and the online play aspect, nearer the launch.

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