A vast number of game announcements were made at Nokia's E3 press conference yesterday, along with the news that further publishers were to make their games available for N-Gage.

Both Capcom and Atari will now bring titles the mobile platform, with the latter confirming versions of Civilization and DRIV3R, both of which are expected to be released during 2005.

Other newly announced titles revealed during the press conference include EA's FIFA 2005, SSX Out of Bounds, a roleplaying title using N-Gage Arena called Rifts, King of Fighters, Xanadu Next, and a mysteriously titled Glimmerati of which the scant details released point to a "glam driving experience".

Nokia announced the development of role-playing game Rifts, which is due for release during mid-2005 and set to allow up to four people via N-Gage arena or bluetooth to explore the 3D "Rifts world" which are based on the books of the same name.

World War II strategy title Pathway to Glory was originally announced last year at Nokia's E3 press conference, and 12 months later full details of what to expect from the game are finally forthcoming, with platoons of soldiers from 11 countries taking part in what are claimed to be "historically accurate missions" - as with many other N-Gage titles the multiplayer aspect is being touted as a major feature, allowing you to battle it out against others via the N-Gage Arena, or in six player sessions via the built-in bluetooth.

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