The full specifications and design of the Nintendo Dual Screen device have been revealed, during an E3 press conference in Los Angeles.

Nintendo DS

A small photo and tentative details of the machines capabilities appeared on the internet earlier today in an article on the USA Today website, several hours before confirmation was due from Nintendo where they have revealed that the machine has not only two screens but one of them is touch-sensitive much like a Pocket PC or PDA.

The screen receives inputs using a supplied stlus, and examples of it's use include the ability to draw shapes such as clouds to help Mario safely fall to the ground, or a scratchcard style system where you can reveal hidden messages by moving the stlus across an on-screen object.


3D graphics which "surpass images displayed on the Nintendo 64" will allow DS games to run at 60 frames per second, and make use of fog effects and cel-shading.

Wireless gaming is shaping up as being a major feature of the device, with support for 802.11 WiFi connectivity, working on ranges of up to 30 feet and opening up the possibility for owners to play against each other around the world via the internet and using wireless access points to connect the device to the net.

Other aspects of the device include a microphone port, and two card slots - one for existing Game Boy Advance titles, and a second one for the smaller DS compact media cards.


PictoChat software will allow owners of the Nintendo DS to use handwriting and drawings to be possible, which can then be sent via the built in wireless networking to other nearby DS users, with up to 16 people taking part in a conversation at any one time.

However the official name remains in doubt with Nintendo claiming that "DS" is still a codename - details of an exact launch and pricing also wern't confirmed, but it seems likely to be available as early as Christmas in Japan and America, with Europe following slightly later during the first part of 2005.

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