Microsoft Game Studios have revealed a new Xbox Live enabled racing game titled Forza Motorsport, at E3 in Los Angeles.


The game will feature cars from over 60 leading manufacturers, and will allow full customisation to create the perfect racing machine using a range of real body kits, spoilers, side skirts and other performance tweaks, along with the ability to add motorsport decals and team paint-schemes. Full support for fine-tuned suspension kits, brakes, gear ratios, fuel-mapping and racing slicks should keep even the biggest petrol-head busy and sounds as though you'll need a degree in Car Mechanics to get the best out of your virtual motor.

A novel approach to AI drivers will be made possible with a new Drivatar Technology, which lets you train the computer drivers to use the same techniques and driving lines as yourself, so as they can take part as team members in what Microsoft claim will be "the foundation of the human-like AI".


The entire experience is said to utilise camera effects such as blooming, lens flare, heat shimmer and haze to give TV-quality presentation, which will even see finer details usually lacking from racers such as persistent oil and skid marks left from incidents on previous laps.

Forza Motorsport is due for release exclusively on the Xbox in time for Christmas, and further details are available on the official Xbox website.

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