Sony's pre-show E3 press conference was always set to generate a lot of interest, but neither the November global launch of PlayStation 3 nor the fact you may end up paying 470 for their forthcoming console appear to be the main talking point, but rather than surprise loss of DualShock from the control pad.

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 controller has been at the centre of controversy ever since the "boomerang" design was revealed last year, and the final design has caused just as much interest due to Sony dropping the built-in DualShock vibration and replacing it with motion sensing technology, claiming that "vibration itself interferes with information detected by the sensor".

Six-axis sensing is said to be key to the motion sensing, which can detect roll, pitch, yaw alongside x, y and z axis movement, whilst the new enlarged controller will also send inputs to the console via Bluetooth allowing for wireless connectivity, or by linking via a USB cable you can convert the pads to wired models and charge the built-in battery at the same time.

PlayStation 3

Japanese gamers will be at the forefront of the PS3 launch on November 11th with the rest of the world following six days later on November 17th, where you'll get a choice of two models, with the basic machine featuring a 20GB hard drive for $499 (about 390) or the 60GB version for $599 (about 470).

PlayStation 3 is set to launch in the UK on November 17th and it'd be a good idea to get your pre-order in at somewhere like now, before everyone else beats you to it.