Nintendo have promised that their Wii console will launch sometime this year but aren't prepared to talk an exact date or pricing at this stage, preferring to use their pre-E3 press conference to sing the praises of the Wii's features instead.

Nintendo Wii

Wii (which is pronounced "we") will have 512MB of internal memory which can be expanded further by using SD cards, and connectivity is via two USB 2.0 ports and 802.11b/g wireless networking, with controllers utilising Bluetooth allowing for up to four single-handed Wii controllers to be used with each console, each of which can link up to a "Nunchuk" controller, complete with three-axis motion sensing.

Games for the Wii will be supplied on 12cm optical discs, but the self-loading drive will also accept the smaller 8cm Gamecube discs allowing for full backwards compatibility, which is extended to 20 years worth of "fanfavourite titles" spanning releases from the N64, SNES, NES alongside a selection of Sega Megadrive titles.

Nintendo Wii

An interesting development will see Nintendo launching a WiiConnect24 service, which will see the low power and near-silent operation of the hardware being used to full advantage by staying connected to the internet at all times and will download "a new surprise or game update" even when the Wii console isn't being used, such as overnight.

New titles in development for the Wii include The Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess, a new Mario game, and Wii Sports which will see the motion sensing Wii Remote used as a tennis racket, baseball bat, and golf club.