E3 2002 is taking place from May 22nd to 24th (conferences from the 21st), and to ensure you get all the latest news as it breaks, we've launched a newswire service.

The special E3 newswire will be running for one week from May 18th until May 25th, and is located in the sidebar on the front of GamesPaper.

Our E3 newswire will have the breaking news headlines as soon as we hear of any news - meaning you don't have to wait until full details are known.

As further details of the announcements become known, we'll then post the news as normal in the standard news section of the site, along with screenshots and further details.

It's looking like E3 2002 is going to be a big one, with plenty of new games on show for the first time, and a number of surprise announcements expected, plus many rumours either confirmed or totally denied - as soon as we hear anything, we'll let you know, right here on GamesPaper.