It'd appear that Sid Meier's Firaxis, and Atari (Infogrames to you and me up until earlier this week) could be about to announce a new game in the Civilization series at E3 next week.

The possiblities of a new Firaxis developed title being published by Atari was boosted by a press release issued by the organisers of the Electronics Entertainment Exposition today, which highlighted an invite-only announcement where the press will "find out what's next for the legendary designer Sid Meier, Firaxis Games, and Atari" on May 14th, at 6pm Los Angeles time.

Sid Meier should be a well known name amongst gamers, as he's been responsible for some absoloute classic titles including the recently release Sim Golf and the Civilization series which helped spawn a whole genre of god-games. Antietam, Alpha Centauri and Gettysburg were also the brainchild of Sid Meier, and all gaining a host of awards for excellence.

As soon as we get details of what's said in the announcement, we'll let you know.

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