Electronic Arts have today confirmed that they are working on an expansion to SimCity 4 - the first of what could be many add-on packs for the city simulator.


News of SimCity 4 Rush Hour first made the headlines last week when we reported on SimCity 4 expansion pack rumours which were circulating on the internet at various fansites after some American retailers added the title to their pre-order lists.

The expansion pack is in development at Maxis' Walnut Creek based studio, and will see the city transportation network bolstered by a range of improvements which will see you being able to take control of various aspects including roads, rail, air, waterways, and road vehicles.

Features will include elevated railways such as in Boston, wide avenues as in New York, and one way streets such as in San Francisco - hopefully Maxis' won't forget that transport is a global thing, and will include some European items such as roundabouts if nothing else. New "problem solving maps" will also feature allowing for greater analysis of the transport problems which blight your city, and let you watch the traffic flow and work out which are the quickest and most efficient routes for your Sims.

An extra added touch of gameplay will be added by the use of objective driven scenarios which will see you solving missions such as catching car-jackers and thwarting bank robbers to earn reward buildings and other vehicles - upon which point you'll also be rewarded by a much improved mayoral rating.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour will be shown to a select few at the E3 expo next week, and the expansion pack is expected to hit the shelves of retailers by the end of the year, and will require the full SimCity 4 game to be used.

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