An early start saw the GamesPaper team heading off to ExCeL in the London Docklands for ECTS 2001. First impressions were that the show was much larger than expected, and also very busy.

A major highlight of the show were two GameCubes playable on the Kemco stand - the only 2 GameCubes at the show - both machines had playable versions of "Universal Studios".

Criterion had their stunning Burnout for the PS2 on display in the form of a rolling video, and the game really does look like it's going to be enjoyable to play, with it's oncoming intelligent traffic and impressive crashes.

The number of playable games was somewhat down on previous ECTS shows, and there were more accessory companies exhibiting their ever growing ranges of joysticks and wheels, but out of the playable games on show, there were some impressive titles.

GamesPaper will be back at ECTS again tommorrow, where we'll be getting further details about some of the forthcoming titles, and more hands-on experiences of games which caught our interest today - we'll have full coverage, with news and previews over the next few days.

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