Highlight of Acclaim's stand was Burnout 2: Point of Impact, which went down a storm, much as it appeared to be doing with the public in the PlayStation Experience.

Acclaim stand at ECTS 2002 [Photo copyright GamesPaper]

Amongst the improvements in Burnout 2 are improved visuals such as sunlight glinting off of the road surface, and more detailed buildings and roadside objects. Replays have also been re-worked, and they were our main criticism of the original - you now only see the crash as it happens, and not three un-skippable replays like before. Crashes themselves are also much more impressive, with more damage being inflicted on the cars, such as bonnets flying off, and whole wheels breaking away from your car and bouncing along the road.

It appears that there's more multiple pileups too, which all adds to the carnage, and means that you've got to be quick at reacting to AI crashes which might block your path. One of the other big improvements that we noticed was that you now don't crash when you hit in to the green arrows that show you which direction to turn in, and instead just come to a stop - the same goes for large vehicles, which you can now sideswipe and hit to a certain degree without it turning in to a proper crash. The countdown clock also stops as soon as you crash, and you don't loose time during the replay, meaning you can get much further in to races.


It'd appear that Criterion have listened to every single criticism of the original Burnout, and have made improvements right across the board - there's now extra vehicles to drive, more courses to drive around, and new gameplay modes, with the most impressive being the police pursuit where you have to catch up with a target car within the timelimit. Other improvements see the speed boost bar build up much quicker, allowing for more high speed driving, and generally looking as though Burnout 2 will be a must have title, even if you've already got the original.

Turok: Evolution didn't seem to keep people playing at it for long, although in single player mode it's the sort of game that needs a proper playing, and not just 5 minutes walking around hunting for things and getting lost - possibly not the best of levels to demo the game on, but the game footage videos that we've seen since show a lot of promise, especially in split screen four player mode, and on the more action based levels, instead of walking around in a jungle.


BMX XXX dissapointed from the quick play that we had - quite what made Acclaim want to "improve" a BMX title in this way is a bit beyond us, and we'd have prefered if they just stuck with BMX and worked on some realistic bike physics, or a new gameplay mode. There is however no doubt that BMX XXX will appeal to a sizeable audience of gamers, who can't resist the "boob technology" crossed with BMX, and everything that goes with it.

Vexx is what you get when you cross a cutesy platformer with dark action adventure, and seems to be sticking to the tried and tested methods, and sees you working your way through 18 levels, and making use of combat moves to kill the enemy characters. One of the more impressive features was how the world changes to the day and night cycles that the game goes through, and how this has an effect on the landscape and specific game features.


Overall it seems Acclaim have quite a strong line-up taking us up to christmas, but it seems that they're relying heavily on the laddish/extreme sports aspect to many of their titles, and with so many similar titles in what's now becoming quite a crowded genre.