Infogrames didn't have any playable games in the trade hall at ECTS 2002 - and were only showing one game in the PlayStation Experience consumer hall - but did treat visitors to a cinema style movie reel instead, in their multiplex themed stand.

Infogrames stand at ECTS [Photo copyright GamesPaper]

After a short que it was time to enter the dark Infogrames cinema, which was decked out a massive projection screen, and 10 huge very comfy leather chairs - just what our feet were asking for after a long day walking around Earls Court.

First on screen was a short preview trailer for Stuntman, which only gave basic details and seemed more like a teaser for a full video later in the showing, especially as the game was listed as being on "screen 5" on the exterior sign on Infogrames stand - unfortunately there was no other footage of the game, but as it was playable in the PlayStation Experience this wasn't a major problem.

Superman has some impressive environments, and from the footage that was shown revealed a good number of special effects which compliment the action hero status of the cult figure. Infogrames' Unreal Championship and Unreal II The Awakening looked as though they'll be massive hits, with both fans and newcomers to the series wanting to get a part of the frantic killing spree action.

Less impressive were the videos of Godzilla and Terminator: Dawn of Fate - Godzilla looks like a fairly fun game, but not particularly interesting, as it seems to be no more than a 3D fighter with monsters, set on top of a city landscapes.

Finally Infogrames left us with a teaser of Matrix Reloaded, but unfortunately there was no game footage, and so we know no more about it than we did before ECTS.