Konami were showcasing a fairly impressive line-up of titles at ECTS 2002, including console game of the show, and firm favourite of the trade who visited the stand, Pro Evolution Soccer 2.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2 appeared to play very well, with good fluid moves and a decent control system which was one of the best we've seen in a football title, and made ball control and shooting at goal much more enjoyable than some recent football games which seem to have gone for an over complicated approach and failed.

Players sprint up the pitch chasing after the ball, and a strong kick can see the ball travel for some distance before touching down further up the pitch where if you've planned it well you'll have another player who can take control of the ball and dart past the oppositions defenders for a shot on goal - although the goal keepers aren't butter fingers, and appear to actually be able to catch a ball, meaning it's not going to be a total walkover.


Konami have clearly made a lot of enhancements to the already well respected Pro Evolution Soccer, and with a pre-christmas release of PES2, it'd seem likely to be one of the bigger sellers on the PlayStation 2 this year, and one title that we'd strongly suggest every football fan takes a look at, even if you've been put off by other titles which are far off the mark.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance was another title which impressed visitors to the stand, and although it showed little new that isn't already known about the title, we did get to the opportunity to see the game in action and see how well Snake makes his was around the environments.


Quite how MGS2: Substance will do on the Xbox against competition from Ubi Soft's Splinter Cell will be very interesting to watch, and out of a choice between the two we currently feel that Splinter Cell may just have the edge, although fans of MGS will almost definitely wish to disagree and stay with Konami's title.