Rage had a fairly simple stand at ECTS, but the all important factor of a decent number of playable games made Rage's showcase all the more impressive.

Rocky is based on Sylvester Stallone's movies of the same name, and sees some hard hitting boxing action coming to Xbox, PS2, Gamecube and Game Boy Advance - first impressions are favourable, with well animated boxers, and some impressive backdrops to which your fights take place.

The game doesn't try to be a boxing simulator, and seems more on-par with the likes of Ready to Rumble, but there's still some pretty advanced features such as facial deformation which realistically represents the damage that you cause to your oponents face as you perform upper-cuts, jabs and various painful moves at them.


Inline skating title Rolling also impressed, and will be popular with fans of extreme sports titles such as Tony Hawks and Agressive Inline - there are however a number of unique features and improvements which will hopefully make Rolling stand out from the crowd, starting with some well designed levels which seem to be packed with detail.

Rage's fast car title Lamborghini clearly has a lot of potential with fans of racing games, and the name alone should see it being popular with petrol-heads, but it seemed that there was still a bit of work to make the game as enjoyable as it maybe should be, with a bit of tweaking to the car control being our biggest wish - although maybe it's realistic to real life Lamborghini's, in which case we'll have to get used to it.


Last, and probably definitely least was Twin Calibur, which failed to impress - the game simply seems far too basic, and far too un-inspiring, with very linear gameplay caused by the fact that everything seems to follow a pre-set path, and do very little extra. Graphics also seem very dated, and the control system a tad too complicated, especially when you consider all that's required is to move the gun to the direction you want, and fire. Hopefully Rage will make a number of improvements to the title before it hits the shelves destined for Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox, or if it's really unfortunate a bargain bin.