ECTS may well have ended last week, but our coverage from the trade show itself, the neighbouring PlayStation Experience, Nintendo truck and Vodafone Live Arcade continues, here on GamesPaper.

Earls CourtOver the next few days we'll bring you opinions on some of the best (and worst) games on show, including our thoughts on Nintendo's Mario Kart: Double Dash, Valve's Half-Life 2, and a round-up of titles which were on show in the PlayStation Experience such as Eidos' Whiplash, Codemasters' Pop Idol, Sony's Gran Turismo 4 and Destruction Derby Arenas.

Nokia’s surprisingly impressive N-Gage game deck, Sony's newly announced Sing, and Play It's budget range PS2 titles will also all come under the spotlight, along with details of the findings from the games industry in ELSPA's whitepapers which were launched at ECTS.

Hopefully we'll have just about enough time to recover after the ECTS coverage before we go back to London for another show, in the form of Stuff Live which is taking place the 26th and 28th of September at Olympia, and will see a "pocket stuff" section sponsored by Nintendo's Game Boy Advance SP.

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