Nokia have announced that Electronic Arts will publish games for the N-Gage gamedeck, at their press conference which was held during the first day of ECTS at Earls Court.


Electronic Arts will bring a number of yet to be confirmed "EA Sports" and "EA Games" titles to the platform, and it's hoped that they'll take advantage of N-Gage's advanced multiplayer facilities such as online high score tables, and "ghost times" of other gamers which are available on the N-Gage Arena service.

However general opinion from a number of attendees to the press conference was that Nokia may have set the 220 to 230 price point of N-Gage far too high for the games market - a point raised many times in various forms during the Q&A session which followed the main press conference.

Nokia defensively say that no other gaming device offers the same sort of features as N-Gage, such as bluetooth wireless gaming against friends, or gaming over GPRS where you can download other gamers fastest times and compete against them in a virtual-multiplayer mode. The company also strongly stand by their point that N-Gage is primarily a games console which has phone features, and not a phone which has game features bolted on - you will, however need a simcard in the phone for it to function as a games console.

October 7th's global launch of N-Gage will be very interesting to follow, and the first few months of sales will reveal if the concerns over the pricing of the device and games (30 to 40 per cartridge) were justified, or if Nokia have got it about right - something which Nokia's Jukka Hosio appeared to have no doubt was the case.

We'll have further coverage of Nokia N-Gage at ECTS over the next few days, and further news of the launch as it approaches during the next couple of months.

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