Visitors to the ECTS trade show and the PlayStation Experience were left stranded last night when a massive powercut took out the London Underground system, leaving people who were still at Earls Court lost for ways to get home.

Earls Court underground station during the powercut

The power failure which affected large parts of London happened about 20 minutes after ECTS had closed to trade visitors, meaning quite a number of people from the show would have been on the tube at the time of the power going off.

Minutes after the power went off Earls Court underground station was in darkness with little information for passengers, and it was some time before station staff appeared to have any control over the crowds which were building, many of which were streaming out of the PlayStation Experience and wanting to get home.

Local busses soon became full and were simply not stopping at bus stops outside Earls Court, where people were queuing in the rain hoping to be able to start to head home - a journey which took me nearly six hours instead of the usual two, due to gridlock in Central London where it proved faster to walk than take the bus.

Earls Court exhibition centre and the local area itself wasn't affected by the power problems, and the PlayStation Experience consumer show which was running until 9pm continued on as normal.