The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association are set to announce their support for the new Pan European Game Information system, which allows for age ratings to be used on games across Europe.

The system, known as PEGI for short, launches in Europe on April 14th, and all new interactive entertainment titles released from April 2003 will feature the new age rating system on the box, providing a clear and consistent ratings system for the whole of Europe - something which ELSPA has been doing in the UK for the past nine years.

Gamers in the UK will be familiar with ELSPA's existing age rating scheme which has been in place since the early 90's, but is now set to be replaced by the Interactive Software Federation of Europe PEGI system which features both an age indication, and a visual graphic showing the specific area where the game's content causes enough concern for it to be of attention to parents wanting to protect their children.

Titles featuring mature content in graphic form, which are on sale in the UK will still have to face up to the BBFC for a legally binding age restriction (15 or 18), providing for an added level of "protection" to gamers.

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