After months of rumours about the Gamecube's European release date, Nintendo have finally confirmed that they'll be letting the lid of their machine at a special announcement to be held on Monday.

In a live webcast, Nintendo Europe will provide the first details of what's so far been a rumour ridden run-up to the UK launch. Details of how much you'll be expected to pay for the console, accessories, games and exactly which titles will be available on the illusive launch date.

Speculation has it that the date could be anything from mid-February, to as late as September 2002, but an early April launch seems the favourite - either way, we'll know on Monday, and we simply can't wait.

We'll have full coverage of the announcement on Monday evening, just as soon as we return from our visit to the British Toy Fair, and you can watch the webcast for yourself from the new website which is due to launch at 8am on Friday 25th January.