Sega Europe have announced that they are to allow Dreamcast users to select their own ISP, by providing new Dreamkey browser software.


Sega Europe say that they've made this decision, as there's now enough ISP's available to users to select their own provider instead of the Sega supported one, and that it will allow them to focus on providing top quality games, as part of Sega Corporation's new global strategy.

The current Dreamcast internet service across Europe is in association with BT, and despite having no monthly subscription, there were local rate call charges, which understandably reduced the number of gamers who wanted to use the machine online, especially for long gaming sessions. However, some titles did see immense popularity, such as Phantasy Star Online.

Using the new Dreamkey software, users will be able to enter their own ISP details, from their own internet service provider, and benefit from free calls on services such as Freeserve and BT Internet Anytime packages.

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"Sega has steadily proceeded its business reform to become the world's leading games content provider. The new browser software gives European Dreamcast users the freedom of choice for the first time to choose their own ISP to connect to the Dreamcast online community," said Yoshio Sakai, COO of Sega Europe, Ltd.

Sega Europe will continue to provide the Dreamarena service, which will see it merged with the website. Online gaming will also continue to be supported, although the release date and method for the new browser software is not yet known.

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