Microsoft have said that they are pleased with the first day sales of Xbox in Europe.


The Virgin Megastore in London's Oxford Street that hosted the "Xmas Eve launch event", was said to sell a few hundred units of the machine in the first few hours of the party, and that sales remained strong all day.

Other stores that opened specially at midnight also reported a brisk business of Xbox's, with around three or four games being purchased per Xbox sold.

Online retailer still had the console, and both of their special bundles available for dispatch within 24 hours, pointing to them having large supplies to cope with the demand.

Retailers have said that they feel they will sell out of the first batch within a week, and Microsoft has confirmed that they'll have more supplies in time from the Hungarian factory to keep stock levels flowing.

Xbox has also made a bizarrely large amount of mainstream media coverage (compared with previous console launches), with news programs on all the major channels, along with radio stations talking about the machine at every given chance - although most appeared to compare the machine with the PlayStation 2, criticising it's "high price", despite the fact that the PS2 launched for the same price a year ago.

Overall it seems like a successful launch for Microsoft, but until we get some specific figures later this week, it'll be hard to compare with the American and Japanese launches. As soon as any of the retailers or Microsoft themselves confirm figures, we'll let you know.

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