Microsoft have announced that their European production of the Xbox console has swung in to action, at a new plant in Hungary.

The Flextronics, facility in Sárvár, Hungary, is the first games console factory to be located in Europe, and is currently producing Xbox consoles for sale in America, and will soon switch over to producing Xbox's for Europe.

The production line, will see 2 consoles built per minute, and will operate around the clock, 5 days a week - staffed by 2000 busy workers.

Sandy Duncan, Xbox Europe's Vice President, said "It enables weekly replenishment of stock for Europe from a local source. Units can be delivered anywhere in Europe within three days in a way that maps to demand patterns, and will help us ensure significant Xbox quantities for launch day and beyond"

Xbox launches in Europe on March 14th, 2002, and will retail at £299. Some 1.5 million units are expected to be shipped from the Flextronics plant in Hungary between the launch and end of June 2002.

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