Namco's Street Racing Syndicate has been snapped up by Codemasters, who will publish the title across Europe on the Xbox and PlayStation 2.


SRS: Street Racing Syndicate appears to have been well received in America due to the mix of US Import style cars, SRS girls, prize money for races and the constant chase of Police who are trying to prevent the illegal street racing which takes place in the game.

Cars including the likes of Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, Subaru Impreza S202, Toyota Supra, VW Golf VR6 and Nissan Skyline GT-R, each of which can be modified with officially licensed stickers, paints and vinyls, along with the ability to tweak your motor to ensure the engine absolutely screams.

Both Xbox Live and PS2 online gaming appears to be included with the European version of the game, whilst both 2-player split screen, 4-player system link will allow for offline multiplayer action through the streets of Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia.

A late Spring release is expected for SRS: Street Racing Syndicate on the Xbox and PS2 in the UK, whilst a Gamecube version has just been released by Nintendo.