Further to our news yesterday about an upgrade to Xbox Live due to be announced at E3 later this month, it'd appear that the suspected music player upgrade is a certainty after we found newly registered domains giving away the name of the new Xbox service.

After posting our news speculating about an upgrade to Xbox Live, we spent some time checking out domain registraion details for Xbox, and stumbled upon some recently registered domains which point to the upgraded Xbox music system.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft yet, and is unlikely to be until they announce it at E3 next week, it'd appear the upgraded Xbox music system will be called Xbox Music Mixer - backed up by the fact that a number of domains registered by Microsoft including xboxmusicmixer.com currently resolve to the Xbox Live website.

The fact that it's a "Music Mixer" makes us feel that it'll probably be more than just the standard CD player that the current Xbox features, and may allow you to mix tracks and generally be more creative with your CD collection, with the possibility of importing your mixed tunes in to games which support the feature.

We'll be following all the news of Xbox Music Mixer and every other announcement made by Microsoft at E3 2003 closely, and will bring you all the news, right here on GamesPaper.