Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced earlier today that their EyeToy Play had sold over 1 million units, since it's launch less than 4 months ago.


EyeToy gets gamers using their hands and body movements to control the on-screen action via a small USB camera which plugs in to the PlayStation 2, and has proved to be highly popular with gamers of all ages since we first saw it at the 2002 PlayStation Experience.

American and Japanese gamers are set to experience the British-designed EyeToy Play in the next few months, and will see why the 12 games such as Wishi Washi, Plate Spinning, Kung Foo and Beat Freak have got people up off of the sofa to take part in some fairly energetic (and ridiculous looking) gameplay.


Follow-up title EyeToy Groove is scheduled for release in the next couple of weeks, and features 25 fully licensed songs, ranging from some all time hits such as Madonna's "Music" to possibly more novelty tunes including the Cheeky Girls "Hooray Hooray it's a Cheeky Holiday" and Las Ketchup "The Ketchup Song".

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