After much speculation on the internet over the past few weeks, Sony have finally confirmed that they are to release EyeToy Groove, as the follow-up to their PS2 title EyeToy Play.

EyeToy Play proved as a somewhat surprise hit when it released last month, shooting straight in at the top of the sales charts, and without a doubt Sony are hoping that Groove will prove just as popular thanks to it's simplicity and novel gameplay control method of using a supplied PlayStation 2 USB camera.

A varied selection of artists will feature in EyeToy Groove such as Madonna, Misteeq, The Jackson 5 and The Cheeky Girls - a total of 25 fully licensed tracks which can be danced out in a multi-player mode with a friend, or challenge mode where you can even create your own dance moves.

EyeToy Groove is due for release by the end of 2003, with listing the product with a release date of November 14th for the past couple of weeks.

We're hoping to get our hands on (or rather stand in front of the camera and wave our hands) EyeToy Groove at the PlayStation Experience, which starts on the 28th of August, and we'll bring you our views of it along with all of Sony's other leading upcoming titles as part of our ECTS coverage.