Cambridgeshire based flight simulation specialist Just Flight have let us know about their latest enhancement pack for Microsoft's Flight Simulator which has just joined the range of their popular flight simulation add-on packs - roger, over and out.


FS Traffic 2002 replaces the default Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft's simulator, and provides for more realistic flights and computer controlled aircraft, not only when you're up in the sky, but also taxiing to the runway and parking up on the apron near the terminals.

Departures have been based on those of 52 airports around the world, including 30 of the busiest, and all based on real-world airline timetables ensuring total accuracy of more than 40,000 flights which are covered by the package - and if that's not enough, you can even add your own flight plans using an in-built tool.


Just Flight have also included 20 new high quality planes in the pack, ranging from the Dash-8 to the Airbus A320, the Boeing 747 to Concorde - each of which have fully animated features such as the undercarriage, engine fans, transparent cockpit windows and night lighting. To add further variation there's 47 airline liveries included in the pack covering some of the worlds best known and most popular airlines, from low fares airlines to the luxurious club class style carriers who fly some of the longer distance routes.

Another big improvement over the standard Flight Simulator comes in the form of more voices replacing the default US English which you normally have to make do with, and now sees four British English voices two English voices with German accents and an extra American voice all included in the ATC voicepack.


An added bonus sees "Spotty", which is a virtual spotters bag that allows you to tune in to the virtual radio frequencies and hear the air traffic control of the busy airspace above you, open maps of the flight, trace actions with the GPS, and even move aircraft with the click of the mouse.

FS Traffic 2002 is available now, priced 24.99, and you can find out more on the official website, which also features a file exchange for people who share their FS Traffic 2002 creations with other owners of the add-on pack.

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