Codemasters have today issued a statement about a TOCA Race Driver 'demo' which is currently doing the rounds on the internet, warning that it's not official, and shouldn't be used.


The 'demo' was purely work in progress code which was sent to a US print magazine who required a long lead-time before publication - somehow though the code found it's way on to the net, but it's far from a finished piece of work, with experimental car physics, basic AI, early test models for car damage, and completely un-optimised code which won't run on a wide range of machines.

An official demo will be made available by Codemasters this Summer, which will use more complete code that is representative of the final game, showing off the dramatic narrative and superlative racing action that TOCA Race Driver revolves around.

TOCA Race driver is due for release on the PC and PS2 this September.

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