After months of delays, Datel have announced that their region busting Freeloader device is due to be released on February 5th.

Freeloader and Action Replay for Gamecube

The product allows any region Gamecube console to play games from anywhere in the world, simply by using the Gamecube sized disc - meaning no chipping or modifying of your machine.

This means that gamers who own European consoles will be able to play any Gamecube title from around the world, meaning you can buy games whilst abroad and not have to worry about them being useless on your machine when you return. Also gamers who imported foreign consoles before the UK launch will at long last be able to have the benefit of buying UK titles and using them on their American or Japanese machines, without having of trying to import titles.

Freeloader will retail at a bargain 19.99, and there's also the Action Replay priced at 29.99 (due for release on February 12th) and packing some 1,000 cheat codes for PAL games and a 2,500 codes for US and Japanese titles.

Action Replay offers more than just the Freeloader by bringing unlock codes to the Gamecube, meaning you can experience parts of games that you'd not managed to reach before thanks to the technology which let's you have access to extra ammo, faster moving characters and even a giant sized Luigi if you've got Luigi's Mansion.

Speaking about the launch of the Action Replay and Freeloader devices, Datel's MD Mike Connors said "It's taken longer than we originally expected, but we've used that extra development time to create a polished and immensely powerful product that will delight gamers everywhere".

Datel also confirmed that they have plans for an Xbox version of Action Replay, and further details are expected to announced during February. More details about Datel's range can be found on the website.

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